All Things Bad and Mean

by Of Ennui

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released September 13, 2016

Of Ennui is Indigo Machado, Christian Cate, Brian Strauss, Angus Garcia

Mixing by Brian Strauss
Mastering by Slay Dean

Recorded at Rarefied Recording



all rights reserved


Of Ennui Chula Vista, California

Indigo Machado: Drums

Angus Garcia:

Christian Cate: Guitar

Brian Strauss: Vocals // Guitar

Shoegaze // Doom

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Track Name: Trudge
Scent of tar
Sight of Tarmac
Pacific Keeps at Ease

Sitting high
So far from solace
Contempt and defiled to obscurity

Lack of all things good
Codeine dreams not understood
I can't stand this
Ennui, Atrophy

Can't change a thing when life is
Fucking wringing my neck and
I've tried a thousand times
But addiction leaves me ruined and routed

Ignore the truth
"Sleep it off you'll be cool"
Let apathy and somnolence overcome

Ennui consume me.
Track Name: Sad Boy
Trying hard to smile
Carved in your face
An image suspended in time
Choked on laughter

Driving in silence
Reached into nothing

It's funny how you sigh when delivering good news
Sensation can't recall your belligerent short fuse
IT's how I try to hold on to you
I'm failing now it's time to try someone new

better off than we were before
better to leave things as they were
perspective shifting
internal reeling

All I ever wanted
Was to listen
All I ever wanted
Was a way out

You wasted your life
Track Name: Checkstand
have you no idea the sound of a siren
Singing in the evening parking lot
Perambulate and smile

It's already gone, the cashier's laughing at my
Expressions are sincere
I am half in love with everybody here

I want a chance
to run by the checkstand
I want chance to change
But it's what we'd always say

Provincial conquests on the outside,
all my stories end interrupted, well
I wouldn't say, I couldn't say
I wouldn't know

I want a chance
to run by the checkstand
I want a chance to change
But it's what we'd always said
Track Name: Delta of Venus
Walls collapse, ceiling careen and crash upon our backs, sweat and tact
Coming clean, confusing what it means to act responsibly,

Restlessly clawing from underneath these sheets, debris and empathy, forgot the pleasantries
Tunnel down, my own little well that's mine and mine as well

Shelter in the umbra try and hide but

Burden shift, slip in past sentry with a touch of bliss, wantonness
Tastelessness, petal like rose or at least I think, can't remember a thing

Excerpt from Strung LIke Puppets by Brian Strauss
"I am drunk

, crying

Begging for forgiveness.

I am tired

of digging through piles

of wrinkled clothes

My eyes feel as though they’re open,

though I’m only sleeping.

I hear a song playing,

Harmony of a woman- Lingered outward-
Cinematic quality to my implosion.

Noise flits backward- reverberates wildly

Sonic thrusts- Tapped their way through chiseled marble sound

An iconic flash of thought

It ends without."

Cold torn bed, withdrawal and gaze at ceiling still dilapidated, so inebriated
Tastelessness, petal like rose or at least I thought of it, apoplectic

Descend into catatonia,
Reaching, from the umbra
I take my first breath, all I taste is ash

And what would you expect? Everyone is changing, there's nothing pure, there's nothing sacred any

More or less, better off like this and I'm doing fine, some peace of mind
But I still miss, primal reversion of flesh and tangled mess of misery that's simply temporary, fleeting indecision, a languid condemnation seething, gone.
Track Name: Waves
Told you my mind was open
But I never swore I wouldn't say a word
To you

Oh so outspoken, the words to page unbroken
You're destined for bigger things
You've got heart in the way you move,
But your temper's bound to get the best of you.

See, she can feel it in waves
When she makes believe.

That's not what she wants,
But I don't notice things like that.

Only in her mind
Does she rectify the time she took of mine.
But then she'd have to follow through
Just one more
But it's easier to say, than ever do

If I could be on my own
For a while I might stay
"Told you I don't know what I do"
Do you though?
Track Name: Ebola
Track Name: All Things Bad and Mean
Mother, Father, Brothers,
So sorry for who I am

Bypass signs of progress
Just drown in reverie

Bank of roses, sight of relief
Sanctum in back of memories
Bank of roses, sight of relief
Just memories

And laborer hands are all I have
So afraid of reprimand

Don't say my name, just keep at bay, stay away

All things for those who wait
Stagnation, Toil, Defeat
Break the ground, fall to my knees
Breath deep, subtle release

Don't come close don't say my name just keep at bay

All things bad and mean
Harm and deceit
All things bad and mean
Crestfallen, broken, meek